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About us

We are a Chilean consulting agency, made up of a young team, with new ideas, that understands the digital age and the commercial challenges that it entails, we deliver consulting services in the Commercial and Technological area to companies around the world through a set of services created based on proven, efficient and easy to implement methodologies.


The T2G mision is offer innovative services aimed at supporting our clients in their business ideas and innovations through personalized advice, the use of cutting-edge digital tools and a high quality of service.


Work Philosophy

Our philosophy of work and continuous improvement works by constantly identifying inefficient processes and possible tasks to automate around us, everyone in our organization is enabled to suggest improvements in their area of ​​interest.


  • Increase in competitiveness
  • Waste reduction
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Continuous improvement
  • Short-term improvements
  • Eliminate repetitive processes

Core values

The 3 ethical and professional principles by which we guide our activities.


Constant in our services to face the challenges of the digital age.


In our work, in order to offer services that meet and exceed the our customers’ expectations.


In using resources to meet our client’s objectives in the shortest time possible.

10 years of history

T2G takes over from WEB SOLUCIÓN, a computer consulting and platform development company founded in 2010.


Web Solución

2010 - Web Solución Foundation, a company dedicated to Computational Consulting. The same year it sells its first projects to large institutions.

T2G is set up 1

Web Consulting

2011 -2012 During this time the company is dedicated to providing Technical and Marketing Advice to website creators.

T2G is set up 2

Accountants Web App

2013 - 2015 The company starts with the design and implementation of accounting software on the cloud.

T2G is set up 3

Legal Web App

2016 -2018 Web Solución focuses on perfecting and maintaining its online software to support activities in the legal area.

T2G is set up 4

2019 Sass Admin

2019 Web Solución develops its administrative software (SASS) for the management of housing communities (currently operational).

T2G is set up 5

T2G is set up

Web Solución brings down the curtain and hands over the baton to T2G, which takes advantage of all its commercial and digital platform experience.

T2G is set up 6

Our Clients

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