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The average B2C customer is used to do quick and painless digital purchases. When that same customer buys in a professional capacity, as a B2B customer, their expectations rise, and companies often fail to comply.

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Electronic Commerce Consulting

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Electronic Commerce? We evaluate the potential of your company, identify and implement the e-commerce platform that best suits your business.

What is it?

Our Electronic Commerce Advisory service consists of applying management and process improvement methodologies (BPM and TOC) that allow you to prepare your business for the Internet, detect its technical needs and calculate platform costs, digital marketing and logistics, in order to select and implement the most efficient platform in terms of cost and benefit.

Electronic Commerce Consulting

Main utility

Obtain new customers both online and offline through the increased visibility provided by the Internet.

Electronic Commerce Consulting | Benefits

  • Create Efficient Processes
  • Increase customers both online and offline
  • Lower initial costs
  • Optimize time
  • Offer detailed information to the customer
  • Improve Sales Processes
Electronic Commerce Consulting
Online tracking: When hiring a service, our clients obtain a tracking code with which they can easily follow the progress of each of the requirements through our website.

How to hire our services Electronic Commerce Consulting

Write to us at, or through our website indicating your request and we will schedule an evaluation meeting as soon as possible.

1. Evaluation

Virtual meeting for previous definitions.

2. Proposal

Proposal sending in 24 hrs.

3. Getting to work

Consulting starts using Collaborative Platform


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