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Thick Data



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Many companies are knowledgeable about their data sources, but they are not able to obtain and make sense of thick data.

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Thick Data

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Complementing your Data Analysis? We perform Netnographic studies that allow us to delve into the context, intentions and feelings of your consumers.

What is it?

Our Thick Data service consists of complementing quantitative data analysis based on Big Data with information from Netnographic studies, or Digital Ethnography, which allow us to obtain useful information about the behavior of users, focused on their feelings, emotions and preconceived ideas that they might have and that are often overlooked in statistics. These studies provide essential information on the segmentation of your customers, detection of consumer needs and their perception of your company or brand.

Thick Data

Main utility

Complement quantitative analysis (e.g. Big Data) with information that helps to know how a product or service impacts on the lives of consumers.

Thick Data | Benefits

  • Complement statistical analysis
  • Know the customer better
  • Optimize processes based on the customer
  • Identify purchase motivations
  • Identify perception of value
  • Measure brand positioning
Thick Data
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